Temp` Sensor

Temperature Sensor

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Among temperature sensors, it is the most stable and accurate sensor. It has a better repeatability, and shows more dependable outputs than thermocouple. It is possible to perform an area measuring, and has a better resistance against the containment. However, it has a slow response time due to its complexity of the resistance element and its big size. It is constructed with an insulated lead wire and with protection tube which is designed to protect the insulated lead wire.


  • Model : SI-TRB-I
  • Rated Value : In Accordance with IEC 60751
  • Element : PT100 Ohm
  • Range : -200°C ~ 600°C
  • Tolerance Class : A(+0.15C+0.005|t|)
  • Explosion : Intrinsical Safe (Ex ia)
  • Marin CER’T


  • Use for LNG Cargo Tank Spray Liquid, Vapor Line
  • For fuel oil, feed water, cooling water temperayure and medium temperature flow object.

Bimetal Dial Temperature

Service Intended

Temperature sensors or indicating type temperature gauges are not directly inserted into the process pipe, unless these are used to measure the outside temperature of process pipe, instead, these are used with thermowells. By using thermowells, sensors and gauges will not interfere with the process line operation, and the users are able to perform the maintenance procedure of the process line more easily. A600 series are seamless round bar type thermowell, and does not contain any welded area by processing the internal area of the round bar. It is designed to be installed onto the process line by using screw created on the thermowell, and normally used in the process line where the pressure and the current exist.


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