Reflex Type Level Gauge



Reflex type level gauge consists of a sturdily constructed body, glass and cover securely fixed by u-bolts to endure bigh pressure. This type level gauge feature several parllel groove cut into the glass surface that is in contact with liquid. Thus the level of even transparent liquid can be clearly observed.


Flat type glass level gauges are used for water tanks, all oil tanks and boiler drum etc.

Flat Class Design

The toughened borosilicate glass window is housed and protected in a robust stainless steel colum. The excellent level indication even of colourless liquid is provided by glass viewing windows.

Standard Model & Specifications

Model SI-RLG
Type A B C
Valve Upper  Cock valve Screw-down value Chain valve
Lower  Cock valve Screw-down value Chain valve
Connection Size JIS 16K20A, 25A JIS 16K20A, 25A JIS 16K20A, 25A
Range of Pressure 20kg/cm2 20kg/cm2 20kg/cm2
Range of Temp 200℃ 200℃ 200℃
Material Valve SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Front Channel SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Back Channel SUS304 SUS304 SUS304
Glass Borosilicate Borosilicate Borosilicate
Center to Center 320-2,870(mm) 320-2,870(mm) 320-2,870(mm)
  • The level gagues shall be classified into types A, B, C accrding to the shape of the upper body.
  • Please contact with our factory when other conditions are required.
  • The scale plate is optional item.

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